Training and Education

ACFC represents the heart of social entrepreneurship for meaningful, positive change by improving the economic circumstances and opportunities of those who live in distressed communities. As a vital component of our mission to uplift these communities, ACFA will provide greater access to training and education, particularly post-high school education.

ACFC will partner with trade unions to provide industry recognized training and workforce development. 

Our first project will create a community center where adults can receive occupational training in three specific areas: 

  • Culinary Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Sanitation Service Skills
  • Construction and Demolition Services
  • Heavy Equipment Training

Research confirms that those without a high school diploma or post-high school training and education are at a distinct, lifelong disadvantage. But those with supportive career training can earn more, contribute more to their communities, and are less likely to engage in criminal behavior or require social service assistance. Most importantly, statistics show that those with more education live longer, healthier lives, further enhancing their quality of life.